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I love to design. I always have. As a kid, my favorite thing to do was write stories and draw pictures. Now I've grown to love Adobe, typography, the smell of paper hot off the press, and the feel of different paper textures, weights, and finishes. I know, it's weird...

Want to know a secret? I actually never took an art class until I went to Brigham Young University-Idaho. I was home educated and taught myself to draw. I believe teaching myself has helped me be self-motivated to learn and push myself to grow in new ways. This has helped me to surpass expectations every time.


Now I get to live my childhood dream and continue to create. I enjoy helping others make their vision into reality. I am a strategic problem solver who never stops finding new ways to improve how it's all done and I hope to be able to use my talents to make this world a better place.

Thanks so much for visiting and getting to know me!


Please click the button below to see my resume, or click on the Linkedin icon to find my profile and resume there.

Click the Facebook icon to see how I had fun teaching home school students art lessons on Zoom calls during covid.

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